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Expert exchange in Keszthely at the beginning of the year

This year’s first expert exchange, which can already be considered as a traditional programme of the CEPO project, took place at the beginning of January. The event was combined with a management meeting. 

The Georgikon Faculty of the University of Pannonia hosted a group of Austrian experts in Keszthely in the frames of the programme. A detailed review on the research activities being presently carried out or partly already implemented in the frames CEPO project formed an outstanding part of the event. The participants also discussed the research priorities set for the last project year, and potential topics of publications and other forms of the dissemination of the project results were considered in detail. 
Professional discussions were followed by a management meeting, where indicators planned for year 2013 were reviewed, the exact time schedule for the yearly big event and exchange programmes were agreed upon, and decision was made regarding the submission of request for project period prolongation. 
The programme continued next day by a visit to the recently established Zalai Baromfifeldolgozó (Zala Poultry Meat Processing Plant) in Pacsa, a village in Zala County, HU. 
The meat processing plant, which was built by the help of substantial European Union support about 14 months ago, processes about 1 million chicken and 750,000 turkeys a year. The enterprise was established as an integration of poultry producers in the region and a grain processing plant. Its main market areas are Austria, Germany and Slovenia. The whole meat processing and packaging process including livestock delivery and loading of the ready product was introduced to the CEPO group. 
The exchange programme continues by a visit of a Hungarian expert group in Austria in April 2013.