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Georgikon Faculty, University of Pannonia


The Georgikon Faculty in Keszthely – in view of its legal predecessors - is the oldest regular institution of agricultural higher education in Europe. It was established in 1797 by Count György Festetics, whose aim was to educate Hungarian farm stewards by transferring practical agricultural knowledge and skills, and to provide education opportunity for those dealing with the land in order to improve the country’s agriculture. Though the institution was established primarily to train the count’s farm leaders, attending the lessons and taking exams in the selected subjects was open to everyone without having to pay tuition fee. The founder also supported students who did not intend to settle down on his farms, or came to Keszthely only to study by scholarships. Outstanding characters of the Hungarian agricultural education were among the teachers of the institution.
After several institutional changes, the Faculty folded in year 2000 as a result of the reform of the higher education in Hungary, and became a part of the Veszprém University. The current name of this integrated institution is the University of Pannonia.

Values respected and preserved ever since the establishment of the school have always provided the earnest of its ability to survive and meet the challenges since more than two hundred years now. These values are not only preserved, but we feel it our duty to always remind our students of their importance.

It is also the watchword of the Georgikon that obliges us to do so: „Live so and remember: you are the preserver of our honour”.


The Georgikon could always provide its graduate students with thorough and modern knowledge, and let them go with the love of the profession, enduring memories and ethical poise. The favourable conditions and high standards of education, the youth-friendly approach of teachers, the cosy atmosphere of Keszthely all guarantee that the university years will mean our students the most beautiful period of their youth.

The Georgikon has always focused on the quality of education and practical training adjusted according to the changing environment. This may be the reason why those having graduated in Keszthely are successful not only on agricultural fields, but also as teachers, researchers, bank professionals, advisors, traders and in many other professions.

It is also to be noted that, as we are a small organization, students and teachers still know each other, and student communities tend to develop. This is of great importance amongst the present economical conditions, as the family-like environment gives us the chance to help our students and teachers in the most difficult situations of their lives.

The quality of the staff is another important aspect. Our professors are in Keszthely not only during the week, but they live her from Monday to Sunday. They not only turn up from time to time, but really deal with the students and involve the most talented ones in their own research activities as well. This is not only important from the point of view of our good positions in several rankings, but also because a university is made to be a university by its staff of teachers and professors. This provides the guarantee for our students to become agricultural engineers with marketable knowledge in a couple of years.

Several BSc, MSc, PhD and further education courses as well as advanced vocational training are available at Georgikon Faculty.

Foreign students may choose English and, in some fields, German courses.

BSc courses this year:

  • Animal Breeding
  • Farm Business Management and Rural Development
  • Special Administration of Information Technology
  • Horticulture
  • Environmental Management
  • General Agriculture
  • Crop Science
  • Nature Conservation
  • Catering and Tourism Management

MSc courses:

  • General Agriculture
  • Animal Breeding
  • Horticulture
  • Environmental Management
  • Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Plant health
  • Animal Nutrition and Food Safety
  • Environmental Management
  • Rural development
  • Agricultural Economics

Further education:

  • Alternative Energy Advisor
  • Plant Protection
  • Grape and Wine Growing
  • Soil Research
  • Animal Nutrition and Nutrient Management
  • Environment Conservation
  • Touristic Destination Management

Advanced vocational training

  • Agribusiness Trade Assistant
  • Energy Engineering Assistant
  • Business Assistant in English&German
  • Herb Producer and Processor
  • Waste Management Technologist
  • IT Statistician and Business Planner
  • Stud Farm Manager
  • Crop Raising and Crop Protection Technologist
  • Ecology Farming Technologist
  • Grape and Wine Growing Technologist

Scientific and research activities

As a result of its many years of research and development activities, the Georgikon Faculty of the University of Pannonia is one of the internationally recognised Hungarian centres of agricultural research work. It has a long tradition of creative work and a substantial knowledge base of national value in the field of agricultural sciences and related disciplines, which serves as a stable basis for an inter- and multidisciplinary R&D strategy meeting the modern challenges of development.

The research portfolio covering the whole spectrum of agriculture has always adjusted according to current needs. Main fields of scientific works have been determined by the direction of scientific activities in the doctoral education.

PhD programmes take place in three doctoral schools within the Faculty:

  • Environmental Management and Animal Sciences
  • Crop Raising and Horticultural Sciences
  • Management Sciences and Economics

Main fields of research and development:

  • Development of genetic bases by traditional methods and biotechnology
  • Development of integrated and environment friendly crop-raising and crop protection technologies for sustainable development,
  • Interrelationship of Lake Balaton and agriculture.

The Georgikon Faculty realizes its strategic R&D activities and performs other tasks in various scientific fields via the knowledge base and infrastructural background of nine departments and one research institute:

  • Department of Animal Sciences and Animal Breeding
  • Department of Plant Sciences and Biotechnology
  • Department of Plant Production and Soil Sciences
  • Department of Horticulture
  • Department of Meteorology and Water Management
  • Department of Agricultural Mechanisation
  • Department of Economic Methods
  • Department of Economics and Social Sciences
  • Department of Farm Economics and Rural Development
  • Institute of Plant Protection

The scientific activities of the Goergikon Faculty are interrelated with the research units of the Agricultural Centre including also:

  • Potato Research Centre in Keszthely,
  • Grape and Wine research Centre in Badacsony.