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Summary of the student and expert exchange

After the international symposium organised in the frames of CEPO project, the Austrian partner arranged professional visits for the participating students and experts. Students studying animal breeding and nutrition at the Georgikon Faculty of the University of Pannonia and the expert arriving with them visited the turkey slaughterhouse in Pöttelsdorf. Here they could have an insight into the industrial processing of turkey meat and could visit the premises where end products ready for consumption are produced. 

After the guided tour, visitors could taste the final products on the yard of the factory, where turkey goulash and turkey sausage made locally were available.

In the afternoon the group visited a private egg packing enterprise. Here it was explained what disinfection and selection procedures precede the eggs’ getting from under the hens to the shelves of the shops.

Through Hungarian eyes the „department of Easter eggs” was especially interesting, as Hungarian shops do not normally sell cooked and packed eggs for everyday consumption. As it turned out during the visit, the „tea-time eggs” (Jausen Eier) was launched on the Austrian market only a couple of years ago, to which Schlögl-Ei owning about 90 percent of the market share contributed to a great extent.

Of course the demand for the colourfully painted eggs rapidly accelerates around Easter time, and therefore the employees of the manufacture almost doubles – the majority of workers often arriving from Hungary.