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The University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna


The University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna is the only academic and research institution in Austria that focuses on the veterinary sciences and the oldest such institution in the German-speaking world. It was founded in 1765.

About 1000 employees and 2300 students work on the campus, which also houses the university's animal hospital and various spin-off-enterprises and branches of business partners.

The Mission of the University: teaching with care, research with vision and treatment with ambition.

University Structure

Research at the University is divided into four departments and a research institute. The departments include both institutes and clinics.


  • Department for Biomedical Sciences
  • Department for Pathobiology
  • Department for Farm Animals and Veterinary Public Health
  • Department for Companion Animals and Horses
  • Department for Integrative Biology and Evolution

Research at the Vetmeduni Vienna

The focus and aims of the research conducted at the Vetmeduni Vienna are, amongst others, to enhance veterinary sciences.

Today not only the classical research fields of veterinary medicine, but also a growing number of domains related to human medicine are being explored. In the future, the growing importance of the following fields can be expected:

  • Fast detection of epidemic diseases and the development of preemptive and direct measures to prevent epidemics,
  • Providing healthy food,
  • Risk analysis of research results,
  • To secure the best possible treatment of animals and
  • The advancement of treatment measures.

Main Areas of Research at the Vetmeduni Vienna

In order to structure research at the Vetmeduni Vienna and strengthen research co-operation within the university, so-called “Profillinien” or main areas of research have been set.

  • Regulation of physiological and pathophysiological processes
  • Infection, prevention and innovative diagnostics
  • Biomedicine and biotechnology
  • Food safety and risk analysis

Integral solutions

The concepts of the Vetmeduni Vienna include the establishment of integral solutions in research and teaching in the following fields:

  • Animal health
  • Human health through the prevention of zoonoses
  • Food qualitiy and food safety
  • Interrelationships between humans, animals and environment
  • The conservation of biological diversity and animal welfare


The University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna offers a variety of programmes:

Degree Programmes

  • Biomedicine & Biotechnology, Bachelor Programme (German and English)
  • Equine Sciences, Bachelor Programme (German)
  • Veterinary Medicine, Diploma Programme (German)
  • Veterinary Medicine, Doctoral Programme (German)
  • PhD Programmes

University Courses

The University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna offers the following university courses:

  • Animal-assisted Therapy and Animal-assisted Supportive Measures
  • Animal Physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation for Dogs
  • Functional Claw Maintenance
  • Hoof and Claw Fittings
  • Introduction to Laboratory Animal Science

Further Education

The one-year internship programs were designed to provide young veterinarians with the possibility of enhancing their basic knowledge and skills acquired during their studies as well as to integrate them smoothly in clinical activities.

The program should help define and deepen interests, which enables to gather experience in the field of small animals. It represents an all-round training as a basis for specialization and further professional practice.

The University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna offers the following internships:

  • Internship Small Animal Medicine
  • Internship Equine Medicine
  • Internship Animal Reproduction and Breeding Technologies
  • Internship Bovine Health Management

The Animal Hospital of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna (Vetmeduni Vienna)

For Veterinarians and Animal Owners

The Animal Hospital is run by the clinics of the Vetmeduni Vienna and is primarily a university-related referral clinic for veterinarians and veterinary clinics. Moreover, every owner of an animal can make use of the merits and services of the Vetmeduni Vienna’s Animal Hospital.

The Main Focus: Clinically and scientifically interesting cases

The different clinics of the whole Animal Hospital are predestined for and focused on challenging cases. There are different ambulances offering highly specialised and state-of-the-art services. In addition, the Vetmeduni Vienna is a place where the results of research work are directly integrated in practical medical use.